I used to be a writing somebody! I’m getting back in the habit soon. Here’s a post from April, 23, 2009.

I was on the phone with a family member last night when she told me she was involved in a car accident. Someone crashed into the back of her vehicle. She and her car were ok. The other person’s car was messed up, but that person was ok as well.

My family member said that she had been wanting another vehicle. She has only had the vehicle a little over a year and has had to take it in several times already. As she was watching TV that morning, she asked God to show her another vehicle that she could get that would better suit her. She then saw a Honda Civic come on the screen…and she thought “Hmmm…maybe…”

The car that hit her later on that day? You guessed it…Honda Civic. The vehicle that protected her and didn’t have a scratch on it was the one she wanted to get rid of…

Maybe there is something surrounding you that you don’t want any longer…maybe it’s the church to which you belong or the job that you don’t like that much…and you want to get away or go somewhere else. Understand this: that thing you are not wanting any longer could be the very thing that will protect you.

That church with all the crazy people in it that get on your nerves, but the Word is on point…is keeping you from falling into temptation and increasing your faith. It’s protecting you from getting a Word with no power that doesn’t challenge you at all. You could be turned with every wind of doctrine that blows, but you’re not…because you have a firm foundation in God that is being nurtured right where you are.

That job that you don’t like – your boss seems to pick on you, your co-workers are way too nosy, or it’s not what you really want to do – and you just want to find something else. Again, another area in which God can increase your faith. Plus, in this economy, YOU HAVE A JOB, and a certain sense of job security. Be thankful for that.

Whatever your situation…however frustrating and seemingly lackluster…know that you’re there for a reason. Ask God where you should be right now, and if He says “right where you are,” take it for all it’s worth. He’s using these instances and situations to develop us, to increase our faith, and to strengthen our resolve.

I thank God my family member is ok. And I thank God for the lesson learned from the situation. The very thing she didn’t want is the very thing that protected her…