I wrote this blog while I was in Panama with my parents back on March 6, 2011. I thank God for relevance so many years later.

As we were traveling back from Colon today, I saw that we were heading directly into a rain storm. We were about 3 miles out when I spotted it. I was hoping that we were behind it so we wouldn’t have to go through it. As we got closer to it, the storm seemed larger and more ominous than when I first saw it. We could even see the line of demarkation, if you will: sunshine here and 5 feet later dark rolling clouds. The rainfall was nothing short of torrential. We had to slow down significantly, slowing down the process to our destination. It was kinda scary for a bit, because our visibility was greatly diminished.

I wasn’t sure how big the storm was, but in the middle of the storm, I looked off into the distance and saw the sun peaking through the clouds. It was just a quick little pocket of sunshine, but somehow it made me feel better…

You know where this is going, right?

Sometimes as we face the “storms” of life, we see it off in the distance. We want to avoid it, looking for exits or ways around it…but there are none. The only way is to go through it.

When you get to your storm, as much as you expect it, it may be bigger than you think your “vehicle” can handle. Just know that in the middle of your storm, God will show you a ray of sunlight letting you know the Son is still shining.

God is daily amazing me…letting me know how great He is and how much He loves me!