Yes, I still play Candy Crush…and, yes, mostly mindlessly as an escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Early this morning, however, it taught me a lesson that I wanted to share.

I was on level 3119. I’m over here trying to crush candy wheels. They were positioned at the top of the board like they needed to go first. I was thinking “if I can get those taken care of, then I can win this level.” It was frustrating because I wasn’t making headway. I used all 5 lives as well as the extra lives I had asked from my friends. Why wasn’t this working? I tried using all of my extra power ups and such to no avail. I always hate when I’m stuck on a level for more than a day…ugh!

What I didn’t realize or recognize, really, was the objective: to get 3 cherries. Truth be told, I didn’t even need to fool with the obstacle at the top of the board because while it might have made the process to completing that level go quickly (breaking through the other barriers quickly), it wasn’t necessary for victory. I spent hours (don’t judge me) trying to handle an obstacle that wasn’t even in my way.

How many times have we focused on obstacles that consumed us…only to find out we didn’t even need to deal with it? For me, I have focused on overcoming fear, thinking I needed to tackle each and every component of my fear wheel. I was set on working out the emotions that I put the actual execution aside. There are things that I am supposed to do…things I am CALLED to do. At the end of the day, I can focus on the emotions (which are important) or I can focus on the execution of putting myself out there…sharing my work, posting my blogs, encouraging people, utilizing the plans that I give to others for success.

My objective is to do what I’ve been chosen to do: be a conduit for success by encouraging the masses to be REAL in every aspect of life. That shows up in different ways for me: taking a picture, sharing marketing advice, edifying via the radio, or sowing into someone’s business. At the end of the day, when I focus on my main objective, the obstacles of fear and inadequacy become obsolete and the path to victory is so much clearer.