As I’m planning and plotting this #REALConference2020, I find myself at the same wall: fear. Like what in the entire world is going on with me? Have I not conquered this place yet? A resoundingly amplified NO is bouncing off the walls of my brain…

Don’t get me wrong: I am so much farther than I have been in the past. But I still have a long ways to go. I don’t know what it is. I find myself taking deep breaths, blinking a lot, and pondering not doing whatever it is that I’m about to do. I should focus, though, on the fact that now I go ahead and do that thing instead of letting fear win.

It’s so annoying, though. I don’t like feeling on the verge of a panic attack. I don’t like my friends questioning why I’m going through these changes. I get frustrated with my OWN self for feeling this way. Have you ever felt like that? Maybe your thing isn’t fear, but you have something that gives you pause for the cause and makes you hesitate a little longer than you anticipated.

We all have a proverbial thorn to work on and through. If it’s not something that we are actively working on and through, it will devastate and devour us. Know how I know? Because I have been devastated and devoured by my fear. For years, I lived in the shadows of greatness because I was afraid. Honestly, I’m still not going to raise my hand first, but now I will at least raise it…and that’s progress.

So, I celebrate that this fear thing moved from being “my” thing to being “the” thing. I no longer take ownership of the fear. I acknowledge that is it a thing, feel whatever and however I need to, and overcome it. Listen…it took me a LOOOOOONG time to get here and I’ve still got a ways to go, but at least I’m moving forward.

My encouragement to you is to move forward. If you know you have a “thing” that you claim, let’s work on getting restored from that brokenness. Once you do that, you can elevate your thinking and actions, affirm yourself along the way, and be liberated from the thoughts and actions that kept you broken. You will have become #REAL! And just so you know, being #REAL is a continual process…there is always some area of life where growth will be necessary. It is the charted progress in your process that will help you continue to move forward at your own pace.

Join me for #REALConference 2020. I have some amazing speakers who will help ALL of us get REAL in various areas of our lives. Log on to for more information and to register today.