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When God Says No

A couple of weeks ago, I felt so overwhelmed with EVERYTHING. Nothing was necessarily wrong…I just needed a getaway. I knew where I wanted to go and actively worked to get to that place. I mean, called friends and family to keep my kid…looked at hotels…got my directions to drive 7 hours away…made sure my bills were taken care of before I left. I was RET TA GO!

I was supposed to leave that Sunday after my show (REAL Praise with Leesha that airs every Sunday morning from 7:00am-11:00am on Praise 107.9 in Jacksonville, FL). As I was getting ready, I clearly heard God say, “What if I say no?” I looked around like “uh, Father…first, I hope that’s You and second, please don’t say no.” I then spent a good part of the morning trying to convince God that this was the best decision for me: to go on this trip to TN and hang with my photography cousins at #thephotocookout.

Man, listen…all of the things I planned (or at least tried to plan) went ALL THE WAY down the toilet! Nothing worked like I thought I needed it to work. I was on my live that morning really working through all of that in #REAL time. Here’s the video:

I had an epiphany that God had something better for me, right? I thought I got it…but I spent the majority of my Sunday upset that I couldn’t go where I wanted to go, the people who were supposed to be in place weren’t where I needed them to be, and pretty much everything else I could be upset about…I was. I said, “God, you KNOW I need to get away. You know I need a reprieve. It’s getting heavy and just SO MUCH right now. I’m about to crack! Why won’t you let me go? Just let me go…you can still work it out!” He didn’t. And I wasn’t happy about it…

In my Sunday morning #FBLive, I had the audacity to say that if God said no to this thing, then He has something greater in store for me. Problem was that I started doubting that almost immediately after I proclaimed it. God did have something greater, though. I was able to get childcare situated and spend 2 days alone at a hotel. I was able to lie in bed, walk on the beach, visit shops, drive to a beach with driftwood on it, and just be. I was also able to participate in the photography conference virtually so I could gain some knowledge as well. THAT is what I NEEDED!

Most times, God doesn’t give us what we want because it’s not what we need. We try to fix, finagle, and finance things that are not at all part of the plan because we thing we need it that way. We forget that God is sovereign and His plans for us are SOOOOOO much better than ours. We just have to get in line with His will. That is when things start working together for our good.

I didn’t expect to be overwhelmed and, quite frankly, didn’t handle it as well as I could have. But in the end, God gave me what I needed to recharge, refuel, and revive so I could come back and do all of the things a Mother, Marketer, and Motivator needs to do. My encouragement to you today is to sit still, submit, and surrender your will for His will. I promise you…it will work out better than you could have ever imagined. He’s just that kind of God!


That’s the “s” word to which I refer. The Bible says “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). We’ve all done it…sinned, that is. Maybe we haven’t done it as extraordinarily as someone else, but we are ALL guilty of something. 

I’m growing increasingly weary of reading of the latest Christian scandals. I have been meaning to type this for some time now as my heart is grieved every time a story breaks. Because, in my mind, I’m like “who the heck cares?” and then I realize a lot of you all do…Social media makes this stuff more immediate and makes the saints more judgmental. Personally, I don’t care what any of you did…I just care that you got it right and are working on your relationship with the Father.

You see, I’ve sinned. Yep…can you believe it? In a moment of weakness…in a move of defiance…and sometimes unknowingly, I did something that hurt God’s heart and tarnished my reputation as His child. Those of us who call ourselves Christians are held to a higher standard because of that label…and we should be. We should strive to be Christ-like and live holy and right and all that good stuff. Even with all this striving, we don’t always get it right. We are human and it happens. I’m not making light of sin; just stating a fact.

The problem (past our own personal dealing with the sin that has taken place) is how other “believers” villain-ize the sinner. It’s like The Scarlet Letter 2013 style. If you haven’t read the book, look up the cliff notes. I’m all for correction, but there’s a way to do it…and it’s not on social media! Good grief! Some of the things I have to see on my timeline are horrendous at best. And yes, I do click the “I do not want to see this in my timeline” or “unfollow posts from __________” because I don’t understand how you can be so…messy, spiteful, and dismissive of someone because of what they’ve done. All of these proverbial stones are being cast. Look back over your life…and put your stones down.

Whatever happened to love? What happened to going to a person personally? What happened to prayer? 

I thank God that, while some of y’all know some of what I’ve done, you don’t know the whole story! I’m a sinner saved by grace…and I daily thank God for His grace and His mercy!

*cues organ, hold’s on to desk, and gives God a good praise right here*

I don’t know what’s going on, but Christians, get back to God and remember that He is love. If prayer is needed, then pray. If correction is needed, then correct. If counseling is needed, get it (from a reputable, educated source). There’s too much going on in the world today for us to get caught up either in our own mess or someone else’s. We are to be a light to the world…the salt of the earth…and all this extra-ness we have going on makes us really dim and bland.

I love you because God loves you…whether you’re scandal ridden or scandal free…I love you…and don’t you forget it!

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